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Avia Xin Weber

Student | Adoptee | Activist


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I am an energetic sophomore at The University of Pennsylvania College of Arts & Sciences. My experiences with community service, leadership, and professional development have sparked my interest in the entire world around me and my drive to improve it. My curiosity in the STEM field and passion for universal justice prompt my mission to create equitable opportunities. My volunteer work with community and national organizations, including my own nonprofit organization, has equipped me with the necessary skills to continue growing and learning. I bring my inspired mindset to every facet of my life ready to take action in any situation.

Aside from my goals in life, I am a spirited teen who finds enjoyment in binging Netflix shows, spending time with friends, and going on a long run!

Reach out to me if you share a common enthusiasm for giant pandas, an interest in water towers, and a love for the holiday season. 

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Public Speaking


Social Entrepreneurship


Graphic Design

Problem Solving


Thank you for reaching out! I will get back to you soon!

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